Scientific Programme


Current Status of the Arthroplasty in Russia:

Surgical activity. Quality vs Quantity.

Modern “Premium” Implants vs Budget Implants

Arthroplasty Registers: What’s New

Economic Aspects and Ways to Optimize the Management in the Joint Arthroplasty.



Pre-Operative Planning

The Bearing Surface Choice

Topical issues of primary and revision arthroplasty of Hip joint.

The Role of Femoral neck Modularity

Complicated cases. Ways out in difficult situations.

Cementing the Revision Stem: Is There a Role? 

New features of computer navigation.

Dislocations. Early and Late

Periprosthetic Fractures.

Acetabular Fractures: The Role of Arthroplasty

Femoral and Acetabular Strategies for THA in Dysplasia

Massive Bone Loss: what solutions?

Results of prosthesis outcomes in Russia.

Rehabilitation. What is it today?



Topical issues of primary and revision arthroplasty cases of knee joint.

Unicompartmental arthroplasty results.

Features of arthroplasty in difficult cases.

Patello-Femoral Replacement

Patient Specific Knee Designs

Choosing the Surgical Approach: whats new?

Correcting Severe Varus Deformity

Correcting Flexion Contractures

Extraarticular deformities – osteotomy or extensive releases?


Individual arthroplasty

The Rapid Recovery Protocol

The Unstable Knee


Arthroscopy shoulder

Surgical treatment of shoulder instability (Bankart repair, Latarge, Bone Block technic)

Damage to the rotator cuff - a modern approach to the problem

Biology rotator cuff rupture

Problems arthroplasty of the shoulder joint

Topical issues of primary and revision arthroplasty cases of shoulder joint. 

Indication, technique and complication of Reverse shoulder Arthroplasty

Avascular Necrosis: Hemi-Cap, Cap or Stemmed Solution?

Alternatives arthroplasty.

Cemented versus cementless total shoulder Arthroplasty what’s the best

The large medial tibial plateau defect

The survival rate of implants.

The optimal surgical techniques. World experience.

Post-Operative Instability



Topical issues of ankle arthroplasty.

Principles of Total Ankle Arthroplasty

Indications for arthroplasty.

Specific Technique

Implant outcomes and functional results. What happens after surgery?

Potential Complications

Outcomes of Fusions vs. Replacements

Ankle Arthrodesis vs Total Ankle Arthroplasty

Comparison of Foot and Ankle Segmental Gait Between Total Ankle Replacement and Arthrodesis

Hallux valgus

Hallux valgus procedures

Hallux valgus complications

Indications for specific procedures

Flatfoot: indications and surgical strategy

Ankle fusion vs Double arthrodesis

Arthroscopic techniques

Osteochondral defects

Achilles&peroneal pathology

Ankle impingement

Ostheoarthritis of the ankle – arthroscopic fusion

Endoscopic subtalar arthrodesis


Bone oncology:

Arthroplasty - a way out or ...

Complications of revision cases with tumor lesion

The factors influencing the efficiency of surgical treatment

The possibility and long-term results of biocomposite materials for different bone defects on the background of cancer lesions


Reaction to the implant. Problems and solutions.

Current concepts in the periprosthetic infection.



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